Well Got Icy Hot On My Unit OUCH...

OK... That was about the dumbest thing I have done in 5 or 6 years. So sitting there on the bed and go to put some icy hot on my back... Well Little Dave gets itch and with the fingers that have the FRESH icy hot on it I scratch it. Not the tip is covered in icy hot and the eyes are rolled back in my head and I'm trying not to scream. Sigh - thank GOD I remembered that water is BAD in this situation and dish soap is good. OMFG what the hell was I thinking? The best thing is, this is NOT the first time I managed to get icy hot on the poor little fella. The last time I grabbed the icy hot instead of the lube - that was well - way worse than this time... I selected this image for the transposition of imagery - hehehe.


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