And YouTube Is Working As Expected LOL

YUP!... There it is again. YouTube at it's best I see. It was fixed for a short time then POOF the phantoms are back. It's not just in these two locations, but in the comments as well. It told me there where 9 comments and there where 7 on another video told me there there 7 and there where 4. HAHA. Then the FEED... Well the last 4 days not much showed up at all, then today POOF a bunch of videos from up to 4 days ago. It's like it knew I did not have time to catch up today and mocked me. Oh and the other day "0 views, 4 likes and 6 comments" - how the crap does that work? If nothing all the bugs are amusing at times and well annoying as shit some times.

Both the apps are about done for as well. I can't like comments on my Creators Studio App or it thinks I want to block the person... How that works I don't know. As well on the YouTube app, raw MP4's from my phone will NOT upload... Well they will but they will never process - EVER. I tried 6 times with one video and no can do. So I have to convert the files with my video editor on the phone then post them with the app. Sigh.


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