When I Can't Sleep

I don't like games but when I can't sleep I tire my brain with solitaire. Couple people told me to do this years ago and it works for some reason. Puzzles wake me up more so they won't do. But this helps some days.

So played 48 games and won half of them. This is not bad since the last game I had I was about 20% win the entire time - but I like the look of this one better, so I switched.

The tablet is too heavy for in bed for me and makes my chest muscles hurt holding it - so I use the phone. When I am too awake to get any sleep I go to the comfy chair and break out the tablet and listen to music and play with a drawing program.

I'm actually not that great free hand any more as I lost some muscle control and no one can tell me why other than "you are 50". But it's fun. I did all the coloring ones I could get for free and one of them set off my virus scan on download - so it never installed. The other 3 had a LOT more to color but you had to pay $7 in one case and $12 in the other case so I said nope.

On the PC I play jigsaw puzzles often. I'm kind of good at them to an abnormal state. I can do 250 piece puzzle in 15 min. and sometimes only 10. On a good day I will do a 500 in 25 min. The 500 has so many pieces they don't all fit in the screen so it slows you down and you have to use "drawers" on the game to hold some.

Well I'm going to listen to music now so Bye...


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