Hay YouTube, You Lie

So every freaking time YouTube videos stall out on me there comes the little link "having problems? Find out why". Well it inevitably blames my service provider that in the case is Shaw Cable.

Well this was the speed test seconds after I got that freaking link on a stalled video. Well the next video I tried died as well. So unless my ISP tanked during the first video then came back to life and tanked again - YouTube is full of shit.

The thing is, just for the fun of it I marked these videos to watch later. I tried for 2 days to get them to play and they stalled out on me every single time. Yet there where comments and so on, so someone got to actually view them.

The thing is they just don't want to say "Ops we fucked something up and for some reason you and you alone can't watch this video EVER".

But then again what can I expect from a service that when I upload a video as unlisted I get a view on it before it's finished processing and no one knows it's there?

Lets not forget 0 views 2 comments and 1 like the other day - comments from 2 different people. LOL.


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