Search Driven Algorithms AKA Why Am I Seeing This?

So the majority of places on the internet advertise with "search driven algorithms". Here is the ticket, 80% of advertising I see on Facebook has nothing to do with my searches. Being that they deploy this kind of algorithm, I am at a loss to how this keeps coming up.

So I'm disabled, live on about $1100 a month and have literally no savings. So why in the world would I be looking at stuff like in this screen cap? I never have. In fact the last time I booked a vacation there where no vacation web pages LOL.

Today it's cruise ships all over the place. Yesterday it was high end cars that I would not buy even if I had millions to spend. Before that women's clothing all over the place. Then there was the entire week that every place I went it was trying to sell me "My Little Pony".

Something has gone wrong is all I have to say. When it does give me relevant ads, it's for things I already ordered LOL. Oh well... This is life...


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