Lays Sizzlin' Szechuan Chips - REVIEW

Well as for Sizzlin' I have to say not at all. These where mild compared to other spicy chips I have had. Even for the main stream market there are far from actually hot.

As for taste they rock and it's an actual complex bend of tastes with a hint of pork and shrimp to the taste.

They are the same Lay's chips you know other then that. At least once a month they go on sale. It happened to line up they where on sale on shopping day so I got some. Glad I did.

As for rating I'm going to give them a 7.5/10. Not the best but very well worth it. I would recommend doubling the heat and come out with a "blazing" verity. I do realize that most people that say they like "hot" actually like mild not even medium heat. So...

If you want VERY hot chips get into the Blair's Death Rain Chips. They are super hot and come in several verities of spice.


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