Sasktel App Messing With My OCD

I got this thing for constantly checking my data usage on the Sasktel App. Well at about midnight every night for a while now - this comes up. As well half the time logging onto their web page and going to my account will tell me "there is no account associated with that user name".

I know this is some kind of glitch and it works 23 hours a day. But my OCD demands it works 24 hours a day dang it!

The best part is, I have no actual hope of going over my data limit as it's 10GB and most of the time I never hit 1GB. Actually the only time I use it is to toss things to the cloud or upload a video when I'm some place with no Wi-Fi. That is kind of rare.

As well I could get the 1GB plan for $15 less a month but I want the ability to use it if I have a dead modem or something to still be able to upload to YouTube. There would also be unlimited long distance in Canada and the USA for $5 more, but I never use it. I use internet calling instead - so ya know - that's a plate of Poutine instead... MMM Bad for you food... And hay there is the nice voicemail I have used 2 times EVER... LOL.


  1. If you can do the same thing with their software, why not use that if it is reliable? I'd ditch it before it fouls up something else.

  2. It's not the app it's the server freaking out in the maintenance cycle.


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