Why Do I Post Vlogs And Blogs?

So been posting vlogs on YouTube for over 5 years now every single day - before that kind of a long time every now and then.

The AxeMoose channel is my little bit of fun. I love to share my day with the people who follow me - some of whom have followed me for over a decade. I also love to see what they have to say and love to get a slice of their day as well.

I have never even thought of monetize as it's just not my thing. I'm just here to have fun and talk to people. Same with this blog, it's just an outlet and I love doing it - even though not many people ever comment and now and then I don't ever get as much as a +1 on the thing... For that matter if I get 15 views on a post it did good LOL. I've had over 200 on a few posts but never much on most of them. Hell some of them never topped 9... But I like the small amount of interaction I get and the fact that I get to just say things and someone someplace will read it.


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