Screen Cap Fun

 This one is obvious LOL.
 So love this guys videos and ALWAYS watch all the way threw - notice YT thinks I only watched the start of it. To count the view and the like you have to hit 50% view. Sigh so they will take mine away because YT is fucked.
 OK this video this dude commented on was about a person being desperately ill and in distress. So what part of that was "Nice"? Glad your fucking bot gave it a like, too bad tomorrow it will be gone because you did not hot the 50% view length.
Yup live in an apartment and don't own a garden at all, but shared a video by someone else about his plants and POOF I'm in a bot generated list. I'm also in a list for makeup lovers and one about US politics even though I live in Canada... LOL - love bots. I do actually watch makeup videos - I don't even know why I like em...


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