Weight Loss, Just Doing It

So in March of 2016 I started to lose weight in a meaningful manner. I had a bit of a rough go of it this last few months as I been off the wagon more than on. But I'm back at it. At the start of recording my weight I was 465 lbs. Before that (2 years before that) I was 498 lbs. I really did not try hard to drop that first bit as you may have guessed.

The fact that I have lost this weight has been a blessing to my joints. But years of abuse from being VERY plus sized has done damage and stairs are still very hard for me to manage. In fact one of the big reasons I moved to where I am now is there is an elevator.

Way back when I could not even walk 1 block without stopping and resting for a while. 9 months into the weight loss in earnest, I was able to go 2 blocks before needing to stop. Now I can manage bout 5 or 6 blocks before needing to stop.

The sad note is I have damaged my heart with a long term extreme size so I will never be 100% again. The good thing there is the medication I am on is able to get me back to a functional level. Without it I would not be doing half as good. I still have a long way to go and it may just take years to get there, but I'm on it and won't give it up till I'm done.


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